Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Good News?

Aaron West-Gullien - Land Specialist / Land Entitlement Consultant
Posted by: Aaron West-Guillen
Land Specialist / Land Entitilement Consultant
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Aaron West-Guillen has 15 years of land acquisition, entitlement and development experience in northern Nevada.

The latest stats are out from Ticor, and I like the trend. While I’m happy to see substantial increases in new home sales and resales, further review of the data shows a consistent uptick every year at this time (call it spring fever). I believe more impressive are the number of refis, up 230% from the start of the year. What else would you expect with rates at record lows, right? Remember that interest rates have been appealing for quite some time, however, the credit has not been available. I believe this is a positive indication that the credit markets are finally easing the strangle hold on the consumer.

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