Thursday, November 18, 2010

Railroad Dilemma

Dan Oster - Industrial SpecialistPosted by: Dan Oster
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CSCMP and the UP Railroad hosted a great tour of the Sparks Rail Yard yesterday. It was awesome to drive through the trench and think about the positive impact that it has had on Downtown Reno. One troubling revelation, however, was the fact it costs Northern Nevada Rail users LESS to have rail cars traveling East to West pass through Reno/Sparks, get unloaded in Roseville, and then trucked back to Reno/Sparks! Rail rates are a bit of a "Chicken or the Egg" type problem. Rates don't go down until volume increases. Volume won't increase until rates go down!!! If this topic is of interest to you, please drop me a line. We'll see if there is anything we can do together to solve this one.

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