Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Posted by: Suzy N. Klass
Associate Office Properties Group

With so much conversation aimed at our national healthcare issues, I think we forget that in reality, healthcare is extremely local in nature. What I mean by that is that every community has a distinct and unique character in terms of how healthcare is delivered. In addition, there have been studies that show differences in how doctor’s practice that conforms to local traditions and consumer expectations.

So too, is real estate very local in nature. Yes, we study national trends that are tied to economic indicators of the health of our entire country. But we all know the real estate market where we live is unique. How we do business, who the lenders are, what are the expectations of purchasers are all very steeped in local traditions.

“In health care, scholars associated with the Brookings Institution identified 10 of the best hospital regions in the country and then tried to identify common characteristics that could be replicated. There were almost none. Some regions had doctors on staff. Others paid fee-for-service. Some had electronic medical records. Others did not. A separate study of physicians’ practices found much the same thing. There were simply not enough objective characteristics that the practices had in common to allow an independent party to set up a successful practice by copycat alone.” (J. Goodman, National Center for Policy Analysis)

It is my business to identify and be knowledgeable about the national and the local aspects of healthcare and real estate in Northern Nevada. No two communities are alike, or have the same approach to real estate and their healthcare.

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