Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Medical Office Space

Posted by: Suzy N. Klass
Associate Office Properties Group

Medical office space in Reno is a very interesting topic for anyone in the commercial real estate business who deals in office space. The availability of medical office space in Reno is “dynamic” in nature. And I am not talking about vacancy rates or percent of owner occupied. I am talking about identifying the “ideal” medical office. What would that look like? That model, that ideal, is always changing. Why is that? Because these days, the “ideal” model for how to deliver quality and efficient health care is in flux. So what you might need in square footage, or parking or billing space is all dependent upon the external forces like reimbursements and patient volumes. To be in healthcare in 2012 is to be flexible. Only the most flexible will be able to adapt quickly. In the aggregate, medical office space in Reno also needs to be adaptive. And for any practitioner, evaluating your real estate needs is complicated.

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