Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Q3 2012 Office Activity

Posted by: NAI Alliance Office Group
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Third Quarter 2012 Office Activity
The pending election has been the excuse for many delays in tenant expansion, movement and investment and it continues to make an impact on the Northern Nevada office market. The Apple announcement continues to be a topic of economic development conversation. In further, the region strives to become a tertiary hub for continued data center activity. Secondly, the call center trend of over a decade ago is back in swing. With the announcement of two new service support centers, one being One Contact Inc., headquartered in Toronto, taking foot in the region to take advantage of the available work force and near plug and play office space.

And, organically, Mid-Town continues to progress and attract small retailers and professional services firms to downtown. New vertical construction has commenced on the Thoma & S. Virginia Street site and Marmot Properties continues to transform their 2 block residential assemblage in the immediate area. This continued redevelopment and successful push in the downtown food and beverage landscape, has had a positive effect in attracting more tenants to the CBD.

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