Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Forget the Basics

Posted by: Scott Shanks, SIOR
Senior Vice President Office Properties Group
775 336 4671

During his career, Scott has worked with clients such as: Barnes & Noble, GM, Merck Pharmaceutical, Henry Schein, Home Depot and Ahold to facilitate their real estate needs.

In meeting with Landlords in recent months to give our marketing updates, the question that is most often asked is, “what are you doing in marketing my building that other brokers aren’t?” Immediately after that question comes the proverbial…think out of the box question. Well, the answer is we are doing both. In this day and age of high-tech computer marketing and the tools by which you can achieve marketing properties via web-based and media based vehicles, we are effectively implementing our property listings into technology based programs that effectively market our properties and get them in front of the eyes of the people that we want to attract to our listing opportunities. As effective as this may be, we also strongly believe that nothing replaces the ability to go back to the basics and simply do what is typically a tried-and-true practice of wearing out the shoe leather. Yes….cold calling. While everyone seems to be “tech savvy” these days, it seems that the younger generation of real estate sales and leasing professionals has forgotten how to simply press the flesh. In tough times, it’s even more important to have a pulse on the industry including; availabilities, rates, comps, sub-market data and who’s out simply “looking.” You will get more deals done, have a better working knowledge of the market place and impress your landlord with your blue collar work ethic in the market place by getting back to good old cold calling.

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