Saturday, June 26, 2010

A Tribute to Fathers

Beckie Lewis - Hospitality Division
Posted by: Beckie Lewis
Hospitality Specialist

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Prior to entering the commercial real estate market, Beckie enjoyed a career in Commercial Lending and Private Equity Lending. Beckie enjoys creative thinking and problem solving which allow her to approach real estate sales in a refreshing manner. Having grown up in the development & hospitality areas in Montana, Beckie was drawn to the Hospitality Specialty with NAI Alliance. She is currently paving the way for this newest specialty at the firm.

A Tribute to Fathers

We celebrate many holidays around the world, but few touch each of us like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. This month we’d like to take the time to celebrate Father’s Day together. Fathers are often credited with teaching us about life and business. Fathers are often burdened with needing to show us discipline. As many of the quotes that we’ve gathered in honor of Father’s Day indicate many of us do not realize how knowledgeable and wise our fathers are until we are older. Each phase and decade of my life has brought with it new understanding of what my father gave to me, sacrificed for me and taught me more

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