Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Posted by: Dan Oster
Industrial Specialist
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 As a member of the Industrial Properties Group, Dan has participated in the sales and leasing of a wide variety of Industrial properties from 1,000 to 700,000 sqft in Northern Nevada. Dan's primary goal is to provide unsurpassed customer service to the clients he represents.

Observation #2: Lower Taxes

The good news continues because yesterday was payday, and you notice your pay check is different. Same long hours, you're still in Supply Chain, but the number's different. Without a Personal State Income Tax withholding, it's at least 9% bigger! See I know you'd have a good day. If we account for all the State and Local Taxes, as of 2009 Californians had a 10.6% Tax Burden (6th highest in the US) compared to NV's 7.5% (coming in at 49th or Second lowest in the US)- source TaxFoundation.org.

The tax advantages of Nevada are not limited to you. Your CEO will be pleased to eliminate the paperwork he or she doesn't have to do or the check to write be foregoing CA's 8.84% State Corporate Income Tax, Franchise Tax, Up to 10.55% Capital Gains Tax, Unitary Tax, not to mention the myriad other missing county and city fees, taxes and regulations...

NV firms also enjoy significantly lower Payroll Tax, Unemployment Insurance, and Workman's Comp Rates!

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