Friday, March 15, 2013

From Smartphones to Tablets - The new web experience

In our business, and in many industries, tablets are the easiest alternative to the PC and a sexier presentation vehicle. And it appears, we're not alone. No longer just a "bigger smartphone," tablets are proving to have a much bigger impact on our collective web experience. The growth of web engagement from smartphones to tablets is on a considerable rise.

The share of website visits from tablets grew approximately 10 times faster than the rate of smartphones within two years of market introduction and grew more than 300% in the last year. This rapid growth is driven by both higher tablet shipments and disproportionately higher website visits per tablet. Tablets’ share of website traffic will exceed smartphone traffic by early 2013 and reach 10% of total website traffic in early 2014. This all according to Adobe Digital Index.

There is also tremendous educational value. The educational division of News Corp., called Amplify, unveiled a new digital tablet at the SXSW tech conference in Austin, Texas.

The tablet will simplify administrative chores for teachers, enable a student's participation more readily in discussions, and allow students to complete coursework at their own pace while drawing upon online research resources that teacher's can personally select. In addition, publishers can update students' textbooks almost instantly, which will keep content as relevant as possible.

While we are all tied to our smartphones for what we need in the moment, the tablet revolution is more than apparent in our daily lives as an extremely mobile alternative to a conventional PC or smartphone for our web experience. Soon, we will all have something new to be tethered to, if we're not already...

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